To whom it may concern....

dont be stupid! who the hell WANTS an eating disorder??? I went through 3 months of day treatment at the hospital and i was there for the least amount of time i could. I am now fighting every day to live! dont be stupid, love ur body before its too late!


- me and KD are still together, over 7 months and we are going really good
- im out of treatment and trying my best to give myself a future!
- this blog is now 100% about recovery and if u ever want to say anything or ask anything have no fear! u will never be yelled at for ur thoughts!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm back, and i brought my WHOLE body with me!

hey everyone! i don't care if u stop following me or anything like that but from now on my blog is about recovery!  I finished program 2 weeks before i graduated high school and so far i've been doing good.  KD and i are in love and really he helps me so much! im glad i told him!  he helps me through bad thoughts, big meals, urges and my still recovery from the drug addiction.

the girls i met at program taught me so much as well... the most important thing i learnt was that 20% of the people who go through program will die.  too many girls i met i know that they wont make it to their 20th birthday......

and none of u will either! get help! cry out for help! fight Ana and realize she has control not u!

it will take me some time but i'll be posting everything i learnt from program and somethings i learnt just from life.

if u every have anything u want to say about anything i wrote please dont be afraid to say it! ask questions, say ur thoughts, participate! even if u dont think its gonna be helpful jsut say it anyways because maybe ill be capable of challenging ur thinking and ull see life in a different light.. little by little.

I dedicate this blog of recovery to one girl i met in program, she has been there with me since the first day and through all this she means the world to me and her life is something i truly hope i can save one day!  Katie's blog

- Maxie Macklin (no fear!)


SetKatieFree said...

I'm sorry if I haven't been talking to you lately, and getting mad about you loosing weight. I know it wasn't your fault, and I wasn't mad at you, I was mad because so many other people were loosing and that so many people are being discharged who aren't ready. I'm questioning that staff's intentions.

I'm happy that you've started this blog, and I'm even more happy that you still see my as a friend although I haven't been much of one. I isolate myself a lot, I don't know why to be honest. It's not because I'm sad, but I just get in this mind-frame where I don't like being around other people. It's something that I'm working on.

Your the only person I actually have hope for in program. Your one of the only people who I am confident will recover.

I will text you more often and keep you up to date with program.

I agree with what you say is the most important thing you've learned in program. It's sad when you realize that a lot of the people you see in program everyday will never recover, and that some might actually die.

Dani said...

im so glad that ur doing well hun
its great that u went thru recovery and that u are trying to stick with it i give u so much respect for that and im so proudof u
keep fighting it u can do it hin ur luckyu got help
i cant get help no1 will help me i cant afford it and insurance doesnt cover it love america
but keep staying storng love ya hun