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dont be stupid! who the hell WANTS an eating disorder??? I went through 3 months of day treatment at the hospital and i was there for the least amount of time i could. I am now fighting every day to live! dont be stupid, love ur body before its too late!


- me and KD are still together, over 7 months and we are going really good
- im out of treatment and trying my best to give myself a future!
- this blog is now 100% about recovery and if u ever want to say anything or ask anything have no fear! u will never be yelled at for ur thoughts!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DAY 1:

ok so sorry for being MIA for a bit.  things have become a bit hectic! and i hate when things go into a chaos.  i don't handle it well. things are calming down a bit.  I work full time now, 8 hour shifts. i had my first dance class and it was terrible!!! im the fattest kid in the class, i dont fit in and really i just am so bad at it.  so I created a competition between me and a friend (thats why this post is titled day one, by the way :P).   it's the 30 day shred, Juliann Michaels does it.  today was day one. i had school in the morning, work for 8 hours and then came home took a 30 min break then did the 30 min work out.  i didnt have time today but im also gonna download a 10 min yoga video for after for flexability so that i can show up all the bitches in my ballet class.  by the end of the 30 days im gonna kick all ass in my dance class.  its late and im dying of exhaustion!

im still keeping my food diary but its jsut a hassle to type it up as well.  just letting u know ive been doing great so far! NO BINGING YET!!! :D 

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