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dont be stupid! who the hell WANTS an eating disorder??? I went through 3 months of day treatment at the hospital and i was there for the least amount of time i could. I am now fighting every day to live! dont be stupid, love ur body before its too late!


- me and KD are still together, over 7 months and we are going really good
- im out of treatment and trying my best to give myself a future!
- this blog is now 100% about recovery and if u ever want to say anything or ask anything have no fear! u will never be yelled at for ur thoughts!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Watching them all walk by.....

Sept. 4th 2010

calories of the day:
two coffees = 120 cal
one instameal = 320 cal
total: 440 cal

not drinking is the hardest part about this but booze is just empty calories. I've gone 2 days now without using coke to take away my hunger and both days I've ate more then usual.
I got only 3 more days until school and no way to weight myself!!!! This sucks!!!! I'm just gonna trust that my hard work is paying off. I'll update my weight tomorrow :)

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