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dont be stupid! who the hell WANTS an eating disorder??? I went through 3 months of day treatment at the hospital and i was there for the least amount of time i could. I am now fighting every day to live! dont be stupid, love ur body before its too late!


- me and KD are still together, over 7 months and we are going really good
- im out of treatment and trying my best to give myself a future!
- this blog is now 100% about recovery and if u ever want to say anything or ask anything have no fear! u will never be yelled at for ur thoughts!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

u dont actually have to read this one (its just a weird dream i had, nothing important just sayin :P)

ok so this post isnt really that interesting or necessary but i REALLY wanted u guys to know! i had THE WEIRDEST dream last night!!!!! like k so im at home sitting in my bed and the doorbell rings... guess who it is... YOU! like actually it was just a girl with black hair and she was really skinny and she says to me "happiness??? OMG!!! it is u! oh wow i cant believe i found u!"  after i figured it out i invited her in (idk how to explain 'her' but it was all of u guys like all ur personalities in this one girl!) we talked in my room for a bit, like she told me how she just bought new skinnies (size 00) and i told her how i grew back into my old size 7s :(
we talked about sex, sexuality (aka my lezz or bi friends and hers too, idk why!) then we went outside for a walk, and we ran into some of my old guy friends.  one i used to date for a while (running back-football coach now) and we went for a drive with them, and she was texting me the whole time.. nothing really interesting but we were best friends, like idk how to explain it, we made inside jokes, laughed, talked about everything, had no secrets.... she was my best friend and she just randomly came to find me!  but it wasnt just one girl (although ill admit when i woke up i thought it was Isla Lynn) it was all of u guys...

i guess i've really gotten close to a lot of u girls, more then i thought :)
you guys are more then just my 'online friends' you guys support me and make me feel loved.  you are my family when i have no one to turn to. and its not just a one sided friendship, i love and support each and every one of u! i wish that one day all my weird dreams of meeting u guys come true! maybe one day... (my life goal is to travel soo.....)


Brooklynn said...

What a lovely dream! I wish my dreams were that refreshing and pleasant... And congrats on 107 ;)

Almost.Skinny said...

That totally beats my nightmare. I feel the same, blogging was the best idea I've had in a long time! so so glad I could meet all of you! xxx

bonesarepure said...

aww thats a sweet and lovley dream i want dreams like that too
and u r my family as well
stay strong

Mich said...

I have blogger dreams all the time now, sometimes with girls I can identify, but sometimes like yours--with a girl or girls who are just everyone combined.

I miss you, too!! You haven't posted in a week and it feel like aaaaaaages!!! <3 <3